Atom Edward Karnak Bergstrom has shared the following quotes from Adano in his April-May-June 2000 DIAMOND BODY Newsletter

“You CAN take it with you. You see, breathfree is not an accomplishment to God because he’s already living in a breathfree state himself. So he needs to make a what? A manifestation. The moment he’s going to make a manifestation, he’s got to give it breath to live. SO HE DOESN’T ENJOY BREATHFREE ORGANISMS. He’ll enjoy breathing organisms, and he’ll enjoy breathLESS organisms more. There’s a big difference between breathless and breathfree. Breathfree, you didn’t make it. If you breathe and you master breathless, you’re hanging around for a long time.”

[Please note God is referred to as ‘he’ only as a matter of informal speech. God is a living principle, whether unmanifest or manifest - Shareall]. CLICK HERE for more insights from Shareall

“The human body is the result of our respiratory function. Those who are looking for the breathfree state are living to die. Breath and breathless states are living to live.”

“Our body is a nondecomposing mechanism. This cellular mechanism is designed for total freedom. When you get on to more specific applications, religion becomes a science of living. To believe and not to know can lead to superstition. To believe and know can lead to wisdom. To know and do is FREEDOM.”

“Resurrection is a reality, not a talkality. There’s only one opportunity that is greater than being born in a human body on planet earth - STICKING AROUND IN A HUMAN BODY FOREVER. My DNAs and RNAs are set up to give me butterflyhood. Instead of living to die, I prefer to live, and I can only LIVE NOW.”

“The art of surviving is spiritual kung fu, gaining immunity from being put through the paces. The immortality of the cell is the CONTINUANCE OF THE UTMOST WAR.”

[“The ‘war’ is the constant struggle of everyday life.] The cells are under a barrage of inputs from not only what we eat, but also from such things as pollutants in the environment and sonic vibrations that may be harmful. The kung fu is the art of transforming these potentially destructive forces into strength and immunity forming experiences” WillIam

“Acquired immune EFFICIENCY is divinity", NOT acquired immune DEFICIENCY (AIDS). The test of spirituality and meditation is to be practical moment to moment. How IMMUNE is he? How divine is he? The immune level is the measuring stick of the balanced person. He is busy living it. Enlightenment is the ability to act on command, the responsive act, and THE EVIDENCE IS HOW LIFE REVOLVES AROUND YOU. Practicing meditation is the preparation for LIVING meditation. Living meditation is demonstrated in your daily life by having the ability to recognize the correct moment to act.”

[Please note that anyone with AIDS has a great challenge. It is possible to overcome (come up over) any and all conditions via clean up on all levels of our being, with the culmination in regeneration. I bless all those beings that are working through this challenging condition. May the healing love envelop them every moment - Shareall]

“Are you convinced that you are an atom? There is no room for analysis when you know you are the atom. One cannot answer he thinks he is an atom. He either is or he isn’t.” (When you are convinced that you are the atom, you have realized the non-dualistic “nondecaying instant-transporting level of existence.”)

“Using the word ‘years’ will break you down. the correct term is ‘revolutions around the sun.’ I speak in reference to planetary momentum.”
[As mentioned in the section on Sonics, when one says ‘I am so many years old’, this statement contributes to cellular breakdown. There is work by Dr. Peter Guy Manners in England that shows how sound affects the cells. The device used is called a Cymatics Instrument.


for more information about this...


“The terminal sound of ‘age’ breaks the cells down. ‘Revolution’ indicates ‘momentum’, indicates ‘vibrancy’, indicates ‘life’, indicates ‘self-rejuvenation’.”

“The aging process is accelerated through DNA processing. Aging accelerates the moment the brain reaches 21 years and refuses to accept the importance of the childhood level. You’re not getting any older - you’re just GAINING MOMENTUM. There’s no time, only momentum. Yesterday and tomorrow are right here. Above all, my dear brothers and sisters, don’t practice suicide.”

[It may seem strange to think we might all be practicing suicide, however if we are living with the thought of eventually dying, then we are just doing this in a very slow way. We are ‘taking our life’ by all the limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings we have every moment. When one is truly LIVING TO LIVE they have left the thought and feeling of death behind. As long as ‘death’ is there as your reality, you are Living to Die and walking among the Living Dead. I do not write this out of judgement, I write this out of personal experience. My experience is that I am in the process of overcoming this ‘death urge’ in order to truly live forever. It is a process of cleaning up our acts, moment to moment - Shareall]

“Eternity is the actionless action. PAUSE in breath adds to heightened increased immunity and dominion over the environment.”

“Realization (real-ization) is something that is real for the first time. The actual fact of your enlightenment is that you are IMMORTAL. The true purpose of our life is cellular transformation. You are 144 elements in a state of SELF-IGNITION - your atoms are lit up in the confinement of the tissue membrane. See the phosphorescence come through your skin directly in proportion to how long you sat and watched the phosphorescence. Enlightenment is not a journey of magic - it is a JOURNEY OF ACTUAL REVIEW.”

[Adano is speaking here of the actual living process of scientific meditation. It is an actual living process of sound and light within. Please seek out a true teacher or living master if you are further interested - Shareall]

“There is nothing more dangerous to your body than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can kill you or preserve you. Brain decceleration at the level of carbon dioxide gives you the diamond body. Basic carbon blocks light at the charcoal level. The diamond does not block light. ‘To him that overcometh I will not send forth a second time.’ The atomic content is not decomposable - God couldn’t go out of his own creation of 144 elements if he wanted to. The diamond level of existence is what is meant by ‘free men all, lord of your cells.’ We’re selling our cells short - the occupant of the house is God.”

[Further clarification from Atom Bergstom is as follows: Brain deacceleration takes you from beta wave to alpha wave to theta wave and to delta wave. Delta wave is what keeps the body from breaking down. The more you stay in Delta the less you break down. Delta puts you in a slow oxidizing state. The Diamond body is the non-decomposing structure. When all colors cancel out to ‘clear’, you have the Diamond body]

“Nondecompostion is the spiritual Oscar for the cells. Nutrition can give you the spiritual Oscar.” [See the section on Solar Nutrition relating to light]

“Your highest self is self-acceptance. Which is more important to you? Staying alive to appreciate the God in you or eating to die to look for the God outside of you?”

Adano enjoyed telling the story of a gruff old medical doctor who ‘died’ and went to Heaven. The doctor found himself in front of the Pearly Gates, where there was a very long line. He immediately rushed up to St. Peter, and insisted, “I’m a doctor. I shouldn’t have to wait in this line. Can I go right in?” But St. Peter replied, “Everyone has to wait their turn. Go to the end of the line.” The old doctor mumbled and grumbled, and went to the rear of the line.” Suddenly, a smiling young doctor rushed right past him and went directly up to the Pearly Gates into Heaven. This really irritated the old doctor. He angrily approached St. Peter once more, and demanded, “I’m a doctor, too. How come that doctor gets to go right into Heaven while I’m still stuck at the end of this doggone line?” St. Peter replied, “Because you’re a doctor playing God. That was God playing doctor.”

When Moses climbed to the top of the mountain, God spoke to him. Moses asked, “Who are you?” God replied, “IDEA,” Moses questioned “What do you mean, idea? Who are you?” God answered, “I AM.” Moses, feeling frustrated, countered, “I am who?” God retorted, “I am that I am. ‘I am’ is who I am!” Moses complained, “If I tell my people that, they’ll stone me to death!” God empathized, “Then just tell them JEHOVAH sent you.” This story has been repeated often by both Adano and Swami Satchidananda.

In the woman's restroom at a beach in Byron Bay Australia this is on the wall.
In beautiful script is written ETERNITY. Underneath it written in smaller print
"Wait For It" then over to the right of that someone wrote 'WHY WAIT,

This is a wonderful example of eternity showing up in the most unlikely place.


He is by his own words "Nitty Gritty Man". By this he means that he wants real practical proof for livingtolive and Atomic Mastery. Adano shared so freely (while in the visible range of life) with great love, joy and lots of humor. His fountain of experience poured forth from the Unified Field to touch the hearts of all who know and love him. Look for him, and all true living atomic masters, in your inner (scientific nitty gritty meditations and ask to be shown tangible proof of his/their existence via real evidence that can be touched and felt.) His gift of sharing, and clarifying Solar Nutrition included fantastic talks with the most delicious life giving meals, culminating in the deeper understanding via Moving and Still Meditations. He walked what he talked and lived true to his Sonics. While he remained relatively "behind the scenes" in the world, he is LARGER THAN LIFE IN THE GREAT COSMIC VIBRATING ATOMS. May you be blessed to tap into this Divine Being and experience his love for your self. CLICK HERE for Adano's pearls of eternity...


SRI AUROBINDO is to me one of the greatest pioneers of Living to Live. He wrote volumes, not from the intellect, but from the deep ocean within. It will probably take well into the future for his true course to be understood and others to join in the journey he so carefully outlined. He may be most easily understood by reading the books of Satprem, especially “Mind of the Cells” and “The Adventure of Consciousness.” CLICK HERE to learn more about SRI AUROBINDO...


DR. ROBERT GIBSON shared the Tone Scale so that all might understand the Way to Eternal Life in a clear and easily understood manner, relating to one’s Inner Vibrations. He summed 'the Teachings' up in a nutshell. "Don't make anything important and keep your mood up." After years of sharing 'the Teachings' in various ways, always bringing it to the simplicity above, someone asked one day. "Isn't there anything more?" Dr. Bob's humorous reply "Are you able to do the above for twenty four hours straight day after day after year." If one takes this to heart they will see the magnitude of this simple summing up. Another wonderful pearl from Dr. Bob is "WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE." He will forever stand as a Tower of Strength and Love to all those who know and love him. While he is presently on what I like to refer to as “his cosmic vacation” he pointed the way for all who wish to go beyond the back door of death and enter the great front door of eternal life. He himself, never claimed to be at the state of Christ-like man although he himself knew of such a person at that Christ-like state of being. CLICK HERE to learn more about DR. ROBERT GIBSON

For further information on The Teachings he so graciously shared, please go to

Finally, the concept of immortality implies a harmonization of the entire personality and a transformation of the physical organism as an effective channel of expression of higher values. This may be called material immortality (rupantar mukti). CLICK HERE to read more from Haridas Chaudhuri...


1) 15 minutes in Delta you are a Swami

2) 1 Hour in Delta and you are called Paramhansa

3) 12 Hours in Delta and you are called Ascended Master

4) 24 Hours in Delta and you are a Descended Manifest Master [ie a Liberated Being talking to myself as unliberated beings, and watching the whole thing as an unidentified principle]

[By this, Adano means that it is only by staying in Delta for 24 hours, therefore never sleeping, and loving God with all your mind, heart, soul and strength, that you are finally liberated or free. Until 24 hours, you may be very developed, but have not yet won your ‘spiritual oscar’, so to speak - Shareall]

These are notes from a phone conversation on Eternity with Atom Bergstrom on February 21, 2002.

“Eternal Life, Translation, Transparency. Transparency actually means ‘trans parent cy’ or ‘clearing the parental issues’. Atom mentioned a book written by Karl Menninger [Man Against Himself] where he writes about Organic Suicide. For example, Mr. Menninger realized that Heart Disease relates to Aggression, and Thyroid problems relate to the witnessing of a suicide or death. He realized that the Wish To Die or ‘Living to Die’, as Adano says, is UNCONSCIOUS. It is what brings us to death, the deep unconscious wish, even though on the surface we may say we want to live.

Adano expresses that Self Realization or Cell Realization is clearing parental issues, ie ‘Trans parent cy’. This takes one from opaque light to clear light. Clear light = Diamond Body = Eternal Living. Clear comes from the word Ear which equates to the word Sonics, Sound, what we say to our cells.”

I asked Atom the following. “What if a person came to you and said , ‘I want regeneration of my cellular structure?’”

Atom’s reply:

“ #1 Karl Menninger’s word for this is ‘Self Reconstruction’. #2 First take a person from ‘Want’ to a ‘Choice’ level. The word ‘want’ means lack of, therefore their own mouth keeps them from achieving this. Once you have choice you are way ahead of the game. People who are wanting are at a disadvantage because they are ‘TRYING’, they are ‘IN LACK’. From choice the actual experience of having it will occur.

“To activate Choice, you may use the following methods:

1) Repetition - affirmation

2) Clearing all traumas to get to a point of Neutral. Colors are related to trauma. For example, when our opinion is ‘colored’, we are biased. Color is a section of white light, and, therefore, STRONG PREFERENCE TO COLOR is some form of bias. In CLEAR LIGHT we have no bias. Therefore when all colors cancel out to clear, you have the Diamond Body.

Once you say something enough times it becomes truth. Therefore, over the millennia, people have believed in gravity, and it has affected the body. If we look at airplanes, they defy gravity. We don’t realize the airplane is a creation that came from us. [Therefore, we can defy gravity and overcome the grave - Shareall]

“If a person is using the words ‘I should’, or ‘I need’, they are right into their parental states, and these words indicate a form of lack.”

Atom gave a scale of words relating to the chakra system, or endocrine system:

I can - lst chakra
I am - 2nd chakra
I will - 3rd chakra
I choose- 4th chakra
I have- 5th chakra
I love - 6th chakra
I create - 7th chakra
I enjoy - 8th chakra, ie God

“All these words are necessary, and, if used correctly, will bring one to the Diamond Body or Eternal Life.”

[The culmination is in the Enjoyment of this form/body as God in manifestation. Or, as Adano says, “Free men all, lord of your cells.” Eternal and Transparent - Shareall]

On February 25, 2002 Atom shared the following:

“To get a substance such as Vitamin C in our body, because we have not understood Sonics, or how we talk to our cells, WE HAVE TO TAKE IT, INSTEAD OF SAY IT.”

[This is a powerful key for those with ears to hear and eyes to see -Shareall]. CLICK HERE
for more insights from Shareall