Solar Nutrition existed from the very birth of Cosmic Creation. God, the Unmanifest, poured forth His Love as Energy (Heaven) and Substance (Earth). See Genesis 1:1-5. HIS Consciousness as The Word (vibration or sound) became manifest as Light (condensed vibration). See John 1:1-5.

Life became manifest, continue reading Genesis. The Hebrew word translated as “day” also means, “a period of waxing hot and cold”, not necessarily a 24 hour period. Thus, religion agrees with what science tells us of the Earth’s evolution. Science agrees with religion that all Life comes from the Great Central Sun of the Cosmos. This Sun is The Word, the Only Begotten Son of God, ‘by Whom all things are made.’

Those who can read “The Book of GOD’S Remembrance", ‘the Akashic Records', have verified these things. All great souls, of every age in each world cycle, concur and teach these truths.

Master Jesus of Nazareth said, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4).

“It is written”, is a clear declaration of a systematic record of knowledge and techniques existing and antedating the birth of Master Jesus. This knowledge from the Akashic Record continues to be preserved and imparted by the Initiates of Cosmic Living. During the ancient rulership of the Solar Dynasty, solar nutrition was the system of living. Also, when the Israelites were enroute from Egypt to Canaan with Master Moses, it is recorded that a certain type of solar nutrition called ‘manna’, was used as nourishment.

In Master Jesus’s statement, a vast science is being encompassed in a more objective manner. Scientists are becoming more aware that the human body can and does absorb energy; also, it is operated by a form of solar energy or electricity. The main input center is located at the Medulla Oblongata in the brain stem. This area of the body is called the Mouth of God by the ancient Masters of Life. The life energy was called the Word, due to its vibratory rate, which is audible. The Medulla Oblongata is so sensitive a pin prick would cause instant death, to tickle it would cause paralysis. Any other organ can be operated upon except the Medulla Oblongata. Scientists are becoming convinced that this center is the focal point of life directly within our organism that traps light like a plant and converts it into energy through photosynthesis. This is the real Tree of Life in the Garden of Cosmic Consciousness.

From this observation we conclude that man does not exist by food or indirect forms of energy alone, which have to be broken down by mastication (matter acting on matter), digestion and assimilation; but is powered directly from Cosmic Life Energy which enters his mechanism from his environment. This is an indication of man’s future development from limited to unlimited sources of energy. Since Light does not decompose, incorruptibility of the human mechanism is possible.

Master Yogananda demonstrated this fact in our lifetime, when his body showed no signs of decomposition after death, as attested by Dr. Rowe of the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetary, Los Angeles, California. Many Catholic Saints and Devotees of various beliefs have demonstrated this fact in years past.

In order to grasp the deep significance of Solar Nutrition and its far-reaching implications and ramifications, one must realize that he or she is existing on a planet called Earth, which is a satellite revolving in space-time continuum (constant motion), orbiting on its own axis around the Sun. All our life patterns are pre-syncronized to the motion of the celestial bodies. We can ignore their existence, but we cannot avoid encountering their effects. The effects of celestial bodies are involved with all life forms in (1) chemical: (2) bio-magnetic; (3) electrical and (4) ideational processes. It would be impossible to live without them.

As Earthmen our Life Patterns are governed by the Sun’s radiations, which affect cellular life flow and secretions. For example:

- Trees receive radiations from the Sun at dawn, as it comes up over the horizon. Fruits and nuts are vitalized for nourishment early in the day. Also, cellular bodies secrete the necessary substances to handle such types of food at this time. The Creative Intelligence has supplied the three types of protein, carbohydrate, fat, oil, water and air to be utilized by the human mechanism at each period of the day. Also bodily secretions are geared to respond better and to handle these forms of energy as nourishment at breakfast.

- At noon the radiations of the Sun are directly overhead and the leaves of the trees act as an umbrella for the fruits and nuts. But all the vegetables that grow above the surface of the earth have opened up to absorb the radiations. A greater variety is more in demand due to the body’s increased activity and secretions.

- At evening, when the rays of the Sun are diminished, foods that grow under the ground are ideal (supper). Nature did not intend us to consume large quantities of food at night. Therefore, selections and varieties are limited, but balanced in the chemical relationships.

We can correct our dietary habits in 28 to 35 days to follow natural laws of planetary motion, thus preparing the body for refinement, rejuvenation, regeneration and recycling of the Universal Life Force directly.

This system of nutrition is nature’s own law of energy conservation at work in the human body and environment. By progressive preparation and elimination, the human mechanism will gradually absorb Life Energy directly and be able to discontinue the intake of energy indirectly in the forms of solids and liquids.

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Solar Nutrition is much more than a way of eating. IT IS A WAY OF LIVING. The caterpillar eats it’s way to butterflyhood. In our human condition this is symbolized by eating on time and thus ‘cleaning up the colon’ [ if you are not having a healthy bowel motion after every meal you are in some form of constriction or constipation]. The caterpillar, which represents the colon, once cleansed can totally transform into a completely different form, that of the butterfly. The butterfly represents the non-decomposing, non rotting mechanism. Butterflies don’t rot and they are models in nature of this principle.

The capstone of Solar Nutrition is Sonics, [“man does not live by bread (food) alone but by every word (sound) that proceeds from the mouth of God.”] We are God in Man ifestation. What we say to our cells plays out in the motion picture light of our lives.

Solar Nutrition is the ancient system of cleansing our cells to the light we truly are. Cleansing is the ongoing refinement of what we put into our bodies and what comes forth from our bodies. We are light in slow motion. By putting food into our bodies in their proper light cycles we are transformed into pure light, we are star dust in form. By putting only life giving sounds (sonics) into our cells, and into all of life we live.

We are optics encased in sonics. May our light be transparent and our sounds be only chords of love, praise and gratitude.

The Basics

Health is a principle of TIMING. Solar Nutrition is not What you eat, but When you eat it. Illness falls under two categories: hyper and hypo. Our biggest challenge 24 hours per day is our Health. We were designed to have abundance. Seek Ye First The Kingdom of Heaven - Health.
The difficulty is not what you eat, but when you eat it. The mechanism does not eat food, it processes it. When it swallows we have a compression process. Food eaten at the wrong time will make you sick.

Five simple rules for Solar Nutrition:

1) A little of anything is medicine for the system. Too much is toxic [abuse].

2) There is a time, a place, and a season for everything.

3) “Live to eat” to get sick. People normally eat to get sick. Nature’s rule is ‘30 years to muck up, 30 years to clean up, and all the rest to the glory of god’. We get a compensatory period to 30 years to eat whatever we please, and then, after that, we get the opportunity to “Eat to live” in order to clean up our act.

4) You “eat to live” in order to not get sick. By eating on time (Solar Nutrition), we eventually have the opportunity to live ‘all the rest to the glory of god’, the chance for regeneration and attaining the diamond body.

5) Eat to live in order to live NOT to eat. Eating on time eventually brings one to the point of going beyond time, and having the body transform to clear light, or the diamond body/eternalness/transparency.

The fifth rule of Solar Nutrition states, “EAT to live in order to live NOT TO EAT.” Adano referred to this rule as “the next step in human evolution,” and he insisted that the “noneating state” is necessary for the attainment of the “nondecomposing mechanism.”

Apple cider vinegar: “Now they say, ‘An apple a day will keep the doctor away.’ What is in the apple that keeps the doctor away? It’s malic acid, when the apple has become vinegar. So apple cider vinegar is nature’s best antiseptic digestive substance that there is for the body. When you eat anything wrong, instead of panicking, this is the formula: you need two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of honey, and eight ounces of distilled water (Do not take in the morning). That should be your stand-by emergency medical kit, but it’s not so much for medicine. It should be a digestive once a day to flush the body through, if you’re malfunctioning or eat the wrong thing.”

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