The article below all came about when my dear friend came to visit for a weekend and got interested in Living, truly Living to Live. He noticed that all my conversation points to living to live and finally after the weekend asked if this is true. I said “of course, living to live is an every moment experience, not something that comes and goes.” He decided to take a three month sabbatical from his job in the city and follow me along in my day to day activities to see if everything ties into this philosophy of living to live. I agreed to this asking for only one consideration. That is that whatever we do we shall have fun and keep our moods up and even when any apparent difficulty arises, we not make anything too important. With that we gave each other a big hug and agreed. The three month adventure was on.

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“To him that overcometh I will not send forth a second time but will make a pillar in the house of the Lord forever.”

What is living to live, a dear friend asked?

Living to live is really and truly living, not simply for a short life of three score and ten, but Forever.

Forever! my friend queried. What do you mean by forever?

I mean Forever. Living for Eternity with no interruptions called death or reincarnation.

Wow, that is something I’ve never heard off and I doubt anyone on this earth will ever believe.

Well this is precisely why this is rarely spoken about, there is not exactly a lot of interest in the subject.

Why is that?

Well because our whole culture, our whole planet is indoctrinated with the belief in living to die. It is a whole global death urge that has been going on for centuries and centuries.

But a lot of people love life and most people really don’t want to die.

Yes, no, maybe. Yes a lot of people love life who have good heath and a good attitude, and yes most people don’t want to die when the actual moment approaches. No, in that people say they love life and don’t want to die, but talk with sonics that lead to death and often have actions that go along with the pervasive world view of living to die. Maybe some people have a higher degree of living to live and perhaps they last longer by maintaining a greater degree of health for longer, but eventually even they too end up in the same place as those that have been actively living to die. They all end up in the grave.

What do you mean by sonics?

Well, as I am using the word here, this is a term coined by a wonderful being by the name of Adano C. Ley whose formal name is Swami Nityananda Saraswati. Sonics means what we say to our cells audibly and inaudibly. By that I mean the following. Two people may go to a Doctor and be told they have cancer and one person will say “I can’t go on any longer” and the other may say “this is a great challenge which I will overcome.” There is quite a bit of difference in their sonics. One set of words (sonics) will promote healing and the other will slowly but surely provide cellular deterioration.

Adano shared this “we are optics encased in sonics.” Simply stated this means we are light beings held together via sound, what we say to our cells out loud via words and inside via thought. Every word and every thought is a vibration for building or destroying the cellular mechanism.

Wow, I know positive thinking is really important but this optic sonic stuff is a little over my head.

Well, positive thinking is great. However most people have a few positive thoughts per day, and the rest of the day they are processing subliminal fear thoughts, negative thoughts about themself and others, and thoughts to do with the past and what they should have or could have done during certain experiences. What I am saying is that an avalanche of negative thoughts cannot be held off by a few positive ones. If you were truly living to live and absolutely whole and clear you would not need to try to think positive. Positive thinking is being tried by those who are having negative thoughts and feelings. It certainly helps but it does not get to the root of the problem.

You mean the thing you mentioned called the death urge?

Exactly. As long as the death urge rules and one is living to die, then no amount of positive thinking alone will overcome this. That is because feelings play a big part also. We are an electro(thinking)-magnetic(feeling) being. It takes an understanding of what you are as an atomic principle to really live to live and overcome the death urge.

Whew, there’s a lot more to this than I thought with my simple question.

Yes there is and yet it is really very simple once you really want to understand it. It is a process of living and doesn’t happen overnight. There is no fast route. however once you start to really live to live you really can enjoy going down the highway of life and eventually graduate to the highway of the stars.

I guess for now I’ve got a lot to absorb.

Yes it’s like a good lunch, it is nourishing but takes time to digest.

A Letter To Friends

This was written to dear friends who were questioning livingtolive. Perhaps this will be of help to others with the same wonderings.

“Every day I hear people speak of getting older, of only having so much time etc. It is embedded in the race consciousness. This is actually largely due to the notion that all is illusion. All is impermanet. All shall pass away.
Since a child I have felt this to be a false concept but really didn't understand why. Now with the passage of time and many more revolutions around the sun I feel more than ever that yes everything changes, yes everything is like a movie that comes and goes but rather than PASSING AWAY (INCLUDING OUR BODIES/CELLS/ATOMS) we are changing, we are refining to something more glorious.

This notion of impermanence, illusion etc is largely an eastern advaitic philosophy perpetuated through centuries by beings that mastered many things but not the "divination of their cells." What living to live is all about is Permanency.


LIVING TO LIVE is so loving life, our cells, our atoms and therefore our planet that we STOP MUCKING UP, CLEAN UP AND "SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND ALL ELSE SHALL BE ADDED". THAT MEANS ALL ELSE, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience. Everywhere present (to come and go at will and defy death and decompostion), all powerful (not power over others, but all the power to transform and change our bodies and the planet to their highest form), and all knowing without having to compute with our brains or computers. We are God in Man i festation. The divine living principle, LIVING PRINCIPLE. Not dying, decomposing principle.

This dearest friends is what I shall eventually share with children.
Many so called intelligent grown ups are actually 'childish beings in big bodies.' They are no longer childlike (starry eyed and open) but constricted, opinionated and closed to life, love and eternal being. Believe me there is no judgement here on my part as I am working my way out of the 'living to die' scenario also. It is a constant eternal vigilance and gets more challenging with each passing day.

Why is this? Because of built up accumulation of past errors personally, and the planet's very strong death wish. With that said, once again 'the little engine that could' just will keep on chugging, keep on cleaning up and keep on keepin' on.
With the idea of permanency (that doesn't mean we can't change costumes called body or that the planet won't look different throughout the centuries), what it does mean is that we clean up this body to the 'diamond that it is' and clean up the planet 'to the jewel that it is.' Then we can enjoy through time and space the whole wonderful cosmos because we have cleaned up our own backyard. Til then we will only continue to pollute eveywhere, bodies, planets and throughout the cosmos.

Children can be given the joy to know that 'no pain no gain', death, disease and decay are all false notions perpetuated by those that didn't choose to clean up or 'come up over their own mess'.
When children can understand the benefits of clean up and what they can achieve in permanency, they can start to really fly like butterflys. They don't have to grub along like the caterpillar. They can take their already beautiful cells and refine them further. They can come and go throughout the cosmos in joy and love. Surely many children are coming to this realization already and there will be waves more to come. We are in the 'garden of eden' albeit it is a bit messy right now. This great garden is one of beauty and joy and light and ultimate freedom. Our freedom machine is our bodies of light, once we overcome the grave mistake of dying and feeling that we ‘only have so much time in this cosmic illusion so why care that much to clean up ourselves (our cells) or the planet, as they will all pass away anyway.’ Let’s see that permanence is the gift of eternity to allow change, transformation and regeneration. Let us let go of outdated impermanent beliefs (being and living) and embrace Permanency of Transformation. Let’s shine like diamonds and sparkle like stars.

The eternal masters like Yogananda say every moment is 'ever new joy' and then Adano added 'unanticipated ever new joy' simply because we never know what each magic moment will bring until we live it. We can know ahead in our omniscience but it is in the actual living that we feel and experience life. Let’s choose moment to moment enthusiasm, bliss and joy for this precious gift of life. Let’s choose this forever.


These thoughts are from an email I wrote to a dear friend. These are from ongoing talks we are having together on Eternal Life ie Transparency ie Living To Live.

William and I were contemplating the beings who are Transparent and already ‘mastered’, so to speak. What would be the difference of these beings from all the many beings on Earth, and from all those beings that are spoken of by mediums, psychics, channels, etc who reside in other realms, frequencies, and speeds. We posed that question. In the middle of the night this arose:

"To be truly reverent in one's scientific investigation of transparency, do your investigation while 'under your own steam', 'driving your own car' (ie in control of your own body/vehicle), being fully conscious, and wide awake while discovering WHAT you are as an Atomic Principle. With atomic mastery all the unlimited possibilites of this awareness will come forth in it's fullest expression."

William added that “a true master (ie transparent being who comes and goes at will) would therefore 'come through the wall' and give solid evidence of the atomic structure so that you could interract with him/her just the same as with any other manifested being." In life there are millions of beings with amazing gifts and attributes, but they still go on their 'cosmic vacation'. So too in the various realms, frequencies, speeds of this vast cosmos there are countless beings with amazing gifts, etc. They may contact us on Earth in various ways and with various beings, just like we pick up the telephone to speak with friends. Those who have truly mastered, however, appear directly to those they wish to speak with and give solid material evidence of their existence.

Beings from other realms wishing to give messages to anyone on Earth are often not believed as you mentioned last evening. They therefore use a messenger (psychic, medium, channel, etc) to get through. The psychic, medium, channel does have the belief and experience of certain other dimensions, realms, speeds, etc, and so passes the message along. Then the one on Earth receiving the message may believe that 'channeled being' or not. Also, as you have mentioned many times, there are clear channels and not so clear channels. Just like sometimes the phone line may not be clear, or the cable line, etc. If the channeled being could make believable direct contact, they would. The reason they don't make direct contact is that until they have in fact reached atomic mastery they cannot give direct evidence. Only one who has mastered the cellular nature, atomically speaking, while on Earth (ie in carbon-based form) can give such evidence.

You mentioned people wouldn't believe if, say, a channeled being, came through the wall and appeared to them. So, therefore, she would use a channel (messenger). What I am suggesting for your deep consideration is that a being who has not fully reached atomic mastery could not in fact come through the wall, and can in fact only communicate by the use of a messenger/channel. This being could perhaps appear in a dream or image to the receiver. Or have ongoing communications with the receiver internally, or may even appear as a clear vision. The being, however, will not be able to be touched by the receiver or anyone else, nor will they be able to traverse the vast cosmos at will with utmost freedom. Though it may appear that this being has full access to the cosmos (all speeds/vibrations), they are in fact on a limited 'cosmic passport', as the being cannot manifest to be touched on this earth. The atomic master who can accomplish this, however, is thus referred to as the 'descended manifested master' because he has the ability to ascend from the earth to these other speeds/vibrations, and turn around and descend back to Earth. This is like water changing to steam and the steam changing back to water. I must stress that a being of atomic mastery does not use any intermediary, and if appearing, always makes sure to give you solid evidence. [This evidence is that he allows you to touch him (like master Jesus allowed 'doubting' Thomas) after the resurrection, and allows you to eat with him and the food that is left will not rot or decompose. This is to give you an example of atomic mastery rather than simply a visionary or dream experience.] This is the cosmic Master Card, or unlimited cosmic passport.

The chanelled being, no matter how skilled, will have to eventually take on another body through the birth canal, ie be born and continue on their journey of mastery of transparency. If the beloved voicebox or receiver set of these beautiful beings (or sometimes, not so beautiful beings) does not reach cellular atomic mastery in their present lifetime (ie does not die), they too will have to once again be born and go through the birth canal process.

The Transparent One (Illuma, Descended Manifested Master, Translated Being, Christ Like One) will, however, travel the cosmos at will in a state of Permanency with no need for intermediaries, messengers, telephone operators, etc. That is the whole point of mastery, so that no steps in between are required for transport or communication.

While I truly appreciate all those beings from all realms who make contact with those on Earth in various ways and with various levels of development and expertise, I myself am endeavoring to master my atomic nature and interract with those who have mastered and have full access, without any limitations or need for interventions.

I have many years of experience as medium, psychic, channel, etc, and while I loved it at the time, and it gave me and others great comfort and lots of fun, it lead me to meet one who has truly mastered and pointed the way for Full Cosmic Experience. This being so beautifully shared with me the true Guru. GEE U R U. Beings in the East with the title ‘guru’ are all seen to be masters. While I revere each and every one of them, I also realize, at the same time, all may not have cellular/transparent mastery. The indication of this would be that the guru or master did not in fact die or decompose. Therefore, in this area, there is also great need for discernment.

While I will always love those with undergraduate and masters degrees, it now only makes sense to work on a PhD. It has been my understanding that you too have this great desire. It would seem wise to call upon those with atomic mastery to aid us in our journey. How we may accomplish this connection and interaction with such beings will, I hope, be the focus of our times together while speaking or in quiet. Then perhaps, with the help of these beings, we may finally come to demonstrate this within our own cellular structure. Otherwise we will be like those who can talk about the subject but never really ‘believe’ or, more accurately, BE LIVE it.

Explaining Transparency/Carbon Copying

The living masters (those atomic masters of their cellular nature - cell realization) on this site are not presently in the physical body, except for Mahavatar Babaji. It thus appears that they are “dead” and therefore why are they here on livingtolive, a site dedicated to eternity and immortality, including the body, which is really light slowed down.

The principle that Adano (Swami Nityananda Saraswati) shared with me is that the master can, when he takes his last breath, leave the physical body in a nondecomposing state as evidence to those whom he/she was friends with. They leave something as evidence because many of their friends would find it difficult and totally unbelievable if they went right through the wall and said “ta ta goodbye for now.” This would cause a shock in a lot of people, therefore they make it easier for those they know and love. Meanwhile the master is able to travel at will via the principle of xerox or carbon copying. It took me many many many hours of thought to comprehend this principle. A master is one who masters their cellular nature to the point of overcoming the last obstacle called death. They may come and go at will, appear or disappear, and take their body with them. This body is their refined, cleaned up body of light.

If they do leave the body as evidence, they through the process of carbon copying via light are able to be visible or invisible at will. Anyone who masters this process can come through a wall and can be touched and eat with you. They do this as a scientific process of verification. You may see this in the book Autobiography of a Yogi when Sri Yukteswar left the body and then returned so that Yogananda could actually give him a big hug. This was a hug from a being who the world would now declare is dead.

All beings who ‘so called die and go through decomposition’ are not able to do this process or provide scientific evidence of leaving a non-decomposing body. They are on what we like to refer to as their ‘cosmic vacation’. They have a period of rest after their human lifetime and will at some point renew their journey via reincarnation and once again be born anew via the process of coming through the birth canal.

Eternal Masters are not reincarnated as they are able to maintain their form (in whatever appearance they so choose) whether visible or invisible. They will of course appear to their friends on earth in the form most easily recognizable, however they are not limited to this body (costume). I realize this information goes against the grain for many people, however I extend this to those who wish to ponder it more deeply.

A living master can be from any race, color, creed, or time frame. It is one who has mastered their atomic nature and truly lives to live forever without gaps of birth/death.


All great awakened beings agree ‘God and I are One’. What is all the fuss and confusion about? What is missing in our understanding of the human experience? If we are one with God (God in manifestation) then let us examine the nature of God and the nature of manifestation. We know God is unlimited, divine, without boundary, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. This is clear, God is all pervading, interpenetrating. There is no place God is not. Now the nature of manifestation. Is the manifest world any different from God, its one and only creator. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. Nature is God externalized. Where is the difference, God and manifestation are one and the same. God, the principle in the Unified Field, expressing itself uniquely in the Relative field.

We read that this world is all Maya, all illusion. This simply means that everything is ever changing. Just as on the movie screen the images change and constantly move. To say they did not appear is ludicrous. They are a projection of light from the projector, just as our selves (cells) are light projected, or slowed down.

Some traditions say the body is not real, it is born and it dies so therefore put no attention on this impermanent manifestation. If you believe you have a body that is only temporary, and simply physical, then you will feel it is eventually a ‘throw away’. With this notion one is the walking dead, living in the graveyard of existence. It would be ludicrous for a loving Creator to grant eternal life, immortality to those in a state of disease, decay and eventual breakdown. This would be an eternal ‘nightmare’. So death is the great backdoor for those who do not wish to assume responsibility for their cells, for their atomic nature.

For those who leave their grave, the gravity of misapplied decisions, also called mistakes or so called ‘karma’, and choose to “live to live”, it is quite different. The whole game changes. Master Jesus says “to those that overcometh, I will not send forth a second time. Ye shall become a pillar in the house of the Lord and go out no more.” True masters of their Atomic Nature give us the great good news that the fruit of understanding God (Self/Spirit) is Eternal Life, Immortality. This means what it says. Nothing is left out. The body which is really light slowed down is cleaned up, transformed, divinized. Here now forever. Immortality for the resurrected ones and those that ‘come and go like the wind’ is not a limitation, but the divine freedom to appear and disappear or ‘come and go’ at will. This is true control over the atoms. I is On, permanently expressing in all speeds of existence, whether visible or invisible.

For those ‘living to die’ the body is seen to be a pack of skin and bones which will eventually decay, degenerate and decompose. For those who “live to live” the body is experienced as moving atoms. Atoms do not Die. They are permanent and ever changing. The body is made of elements. It is “living soil.” We don’t have a soul, we are “living soil”, expressing the God principle in human form. We are ‘divine beings having glorious human experiences.’

Choose ‘living to die’ and the body will eventually be buried or cremated. Choose living to live and the body suffers no decomposition, appears and disappears and can come and go at will. It is free atoms, manifest and unmanifest. Divine and immune from all nature of breakdown. “Don’t sell your Self (Cells) short,” as Swami Nityananda Saraswati says. Realize the cells are God. God in Man i festation. There is only God everywhere present.


George Katrakilis is a Sydney taxi driver we met in March of 2002. He is truly an example of living to live. As we were driving to our destination he said “What goes down always goes back up. The way I look at it if I have a bad day it will always get better. Always I think positive.

I never worry. If something goes wrong I just let it go straight over. If I’m driving my cab and there is another cab and he picks up the fare in front of me I always think of that fare as being a short fare. I wait another five minutes and I get the long fare. The key to life is a positive attitude.” When I asked if I could quote him on he said happily “A cabbie that never did well in school is now on the internet. In school I always did something wrong and yet now I am on the internet, think of that.”
He was so excited to have his picture taken and be on the internet.
Here you are George, blessing to you for Eternity.

Our dear eternal friends Christine and Mike Lana-Sarrate wrote:

“There is a woman that has become a close friend and helper of my father's, her name is Rosa. On the surface she's a very simple, Portuguese housewife with basic English. Several years ago when my Dad was going through pain after my mom went cosmic, this woman, who is a Catholic, had a dream about my father (whom she'd never met before) and knew that she was supposed to help him. She told me that she used to go over to his house and simply sit with him for hours each day, often not saying a word because she knew that her presence was providing comfort for him as he went through his turmoil. She had her own family and husband she was caring for, but knew that it was her calling to help this man as well whatever the cost to her personal self. She told me that many years prior to this, she was very unhappy. Coming to Canada, not knowing anyone, and just in general being dissatisfied. Then one day she gave herself up to the holy spirit and since that day she said she is happy all the time. Now, even the smallest chore is full and meaningful. She does my Dad's laundry and cleans and will not accept anything for it because she believes all her needs are provided for. Her own husband once said, 'you don't seem to care much about things for yourself' and she explained that she does, and that she enjoys nice things but just doesn't get attached to them. She experiences them while they are here and when they're gone, they're gone. I'm telling you this because this unassuming woman who quietly goes from day-to-day doing 'good works' will probably never receive a medal or be anointed a saint, but that it becomes clearer and clearer that this world is full of amazing people who quietly live a very divine life and to see this touches me very deeply. When I asked her if she was going to see the Pope (who's in Toronto now), she told me that there was no need. She knew what he looked like and understood the teachings, the only thing to do now is to simply live them day to day, moment to moment, and do God's work here on earth. She said the kingdom of heaven is here.”

Chris and Mike in Canada also sent this to us in an email. How glorious to see LIVINGTOLIVE being understood and acted on in the home front.

"As we're looking for homes we often see the words, "a kitchen to die for".
The other week we finally saw an ad that said "a kitchen to 'live' for" and we both said 'finally'! We've never cared for the 'to die for' expression and were so pleased to see someone change it."

Living to Live is...

Living to Live is Believing ( Be Living ) that old age and death are options. Rather than age know you are Revolving Around the Sun. Rather than death choose Conscious Transformation, Translation, Invisibility via Non Decomposition, Coming and Going At Will, or Appearing and Disappearing.

Cellular Immortality isn’t living in your body (as you now know it) forever. It is about command over the atoms, control of your 144 elements and realizing you are God in Manifestation.
If you identify with Who you are in a costume called Body you can die. If however, you identify with What you are as a Living Atomic Principle, you will Live Forever with access to the visible and invisible spectrum of life. Let your body achieve it’s divine potential of Light. Let matter and spirit be inseparably united.


I realize at some point all of the ideas expressed in this site will come to be self evident. At that time, death will be observed to be a concept that is no longer valid. For those visiting this site at that time please feel free to read this material as ancient history.
See you in forever.
Many many eternal blessings, Shareall.