Living to Live is Believing ( Be Living ) that old age and death are options. Rather than age, know you are Revolving Around the Sun. Rather than death, choose Conscious Transformation, Translation, Invisibility via Non Decomposition, Coming and Going At Will or Appearing and Disappearing.

Cellular Immortality isn’t living in your body (as you now know it) forever. It is about command over the atoms, control of your 144 elements and realizing you are God in Manifestation. Who you are in a costume called Body can die if you do not clean up and realize What You Truly Are. WHAT you are as a Living Atomic Principle is Forever, with full ability to travel in the visible or invisible spectrum of life. Let your body achieve its divine potential of Light. Let matter and spirit be inseparably united.


My husband WillIam shared this with me one day. He said that he saw a NEW IDEA on the parable of the Tortoise and the Hare. In the parable the hare is fast and doing everything it can to be first to the finish line. The tortoise starts out interested in the race and in the finish line also. In the parable, the tortoise does in fact win because the hare, though fast, was always distracted.
In WillIam’s idea on this parable he said, “As the tortoise moves steadily and slowly along it’s path, it has the time for contemplation or meditation, and realizes there IS NO RACE AND THERE IS NO FINISH LINE. In that realization the tortoise has achieved ‘Ongoingness’. Meanwhile, the hare leaps ahead to win the race, and goes to the finish line. The hare believes life is a race and there is a finish line, ie an end. To the tortoise, life is a process, and, because he sees no finish, he can go on eternally.”
If we take the original parable and be the hare that does in fact win the race, let us win by cleaning up and achieving our full potential as the Atomic Principle that we truly are. If we take WillIam’s idea, and be the tortiose and never finish, but 'keep on keepin on' the parable will then allow us to experience eternal ongoingness. This eternal ongoingness may be called Immortality, Life Eternal, Translation, Transparency. Call it by whatever word you choose, but CALL IT FORTH IN YOUR OWN LIFE.
The real freedom is to be truly UNLIMITED in all avenues of expression. By living forever we are not relegated to the body that we presently know. We may change our costume (body) at will and travel at light speed in the visible spectrum (on this planet or any other) or the invisible spectrum which many see as the unmanifest. The reason it is called the ‘un-manifest’ is because to most eyes “it can’t be seen”. Let us wake up to Life and enjoy the ever joyful process of eternal ongoingness.

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The Only Place is Here
The Only Time is Now

Live the Joy of
Cellular Transformation

It is Your Divine LifeRight

Enter the Invisible Realms through
Consious Control of Your
Atomic Nature
Come and Go At Will
Appear and Disappear
Defy Decomposition

Living to Live is realizing that by thinking and feeling positively about life and extending our life spans by healthy lifestyles is only the beginning. After all, what would be the point of cleaning up our acts only to end up in the grave?
It’s time to lighten up, to become lighthearted and overcome our grave mistakes, to literally defy gravity. What are mistakes? Simply missing the mark. Learning to have command over the atom via the spoken word gives us the opportunity to repair, renew and regenerate the cells of our body and the body of our planet. Let’s learn to live to live. Let’s wake up now and live for eternity in “ever new unanticipated joy” (Adano Ley). Let’s realize we don’t have to die to become the light we already are. Our bodies are atoms, atoms are light, and light does not decompose.

Eternal Blessings Forever........Shareall

LIVING TO LIVE is dedicated to my dear friend


Adano C. Ley

“Don’t Sell Your Cells Short” Adano
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