Most people want to know ‘Who you are.’ This website gives a feeling of who we are in the ‘Our Joy’ section. We like to say who we are is, “always fresh and new in a costume called body, and we are happily attending a party called life.”

With that said, we are realizing that ‘WHAT’ we are is the focus of our energies. WHAT we are is ATOMS. By focusing on our atomic nature we enter the world of moving atoms. This allows us to not get caught up in the confusions of personality with all its many dramas.

We have come to understand that What we are is Optics encased in Sonics. What this means is we are Light held together in form via Sound. This is why it is so important how we “talk to ourselves, ie to our cells.”

There is a wonderful biblical saying, “Love God with all of your Heart, all of your Mind, all of your Soul, and all of your Strength.” We are God in Man-ifestation so this ‘Love with all of your heart’ is the total feeling of reverence for life. ‘Love with all of your mind’ is that every thought we entertain be for the highest good. ‘Love with all of our soul’ means total love for every cell and fibre of our being, and those of all beings (we are 144 elements, ie living soil = soul). And lastly, ‘Love with all of our strength’ is the total conviction to live this Love forever. This love is the atomic reality of being, which is forever. This love brings the realms of spirit and matter together. Matter is another manifestation of spirit. The gift of this love is life everlasting. For us, the living of this love is an ongoing process of refinement, which we are endeavoring to bring to total conviction.

Another biblical saying goes like this, “To him that overcometh I will not send forth a second time, but will make a pillar in the house of the lord forever.” What this gives everyone is the opportunity to overcome all obstacles through love. If accomplished, one will not have to come forth a second time, ie reincarnate. Then one is made a pillar in the house of the lord forever. This means one becomes a support of strength (for others) in creation. By going through this great process of overcoming, when accomplished, we all shall have the ability to serve forever. We then may enjoy an unlimited cosmic passport of freedom to travel throughout eternity in varying speeds (dimensions or frequencies) all for the love of God. For us, the ongoing process of clean up is being done to express this Love of God in human form, and share this fully with all beings throughout creation. We bless all those who join us on this journey.

(Please note that God to me is a Living Eternal Principle. Biblical quotes used on this site are those that have great meaning to me in livingtolive. Eternally....Shareall)
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WHAT BROUGHT ME TO LIVING TO LIVE? I have been asked this many times. Since childhood I always felt that we were not meant to “age or die”. (Of course I now would not entertain these words or use them in speech). I eventually taught Sunday School and was fascinated with the story of Jesus, especially the resurrection and ascention. The more excited I became the more I began to share with the kids in the class. I was then asked by those in authority to please not teach this to the kids. I did not understand this and so continued my sharing. I was then gently told that I was no longer required to teach the class. Actually the Church did me a big favor as that only increased my burning desire to understand this aspect of the biblical teachings. That led to many dear mentors along my journey through life, culminating in my meeting with Swami Nityananda Saraswati (Adano C Ley). This being confirmed to me, for all time, that we are in fact Immortal. This is acheived through a process of cellular clean up which leads to cellular transformation. To quote Adano “Our body is a nondecomposing mechanism. This cellular mechanism is designed for total freedom. When you get on to more specific applications, religion becomes a science of living. To believe and not to know can lead to superstition. To believe and know can lead to wisdom. To know and do is FREEDOM.” Spending time with Adano, certain inner experiences convinced me that I am indeed the Atom. Rather than focusing on Who I am, I focus on What I Am. I am Eternal, Immortal and Free.

WHERE AM I NOW IN THIS PROCESS OF LIVING TO LIVE. I am in the Process of continual refinement of Thought, Word and Deed. My watchword is Eternal Vigilence in all moments. Through Solar Nutrition, Sonics and Every day living I continue the ongoing Clean Up towards cellular transformation. I am blessed to share this journey with my dear love and partner WillIam and other dear and wonderful close friends.

FUTURE VISIONS FOR LIVING TO LIVE. The vision closest to my heart is that one day Living to Live or Cellular Ongoingness, Immortality, Eternal Living will be understood and accepted by many people. I feel when a being with public notoriety, such as Oprah Winfrey, realizes she has been working her whole life to live longer with more joy and love for life she will ultimately recognize that it need not end in death, but rather cellular transformation. With her kind of influence this idea will begin to truly seep into the mainstream of consciousness. I do not expect everyone instantly to grasp the idea and its true potential. I do, however, envision many people embracing these ideas and beginning to research them like a “reverent scientist.” By this I mean not “believing what I say” but choosing through their own investigation to see if the idea holds merit or not. A true scientist (one like Einstein for example) always brings in the great reverence for life in their investigations.

Immortality has been misunderstood for centuries, laughed at and scorned. It is time to bring the information to the light of day so that it is accessible to anyone who has interest. Anyone who is interested in longevity and health will find great interest in the joy of bodily (cellular) transformation via rejuvenation and regeneration. Up until now most people believe by being careful with nutrition, exercise etc they may live longer and even rejuvenate to a degree. Very few however really believe they can regenerate completely. All things in the manifest world are first conceived within. If people can begin to understand this great idea of eternal living, they can then begin to manifest it in their own beings, in their own lives. THIS IS MY ETERNAL VISION OF JOY AND LOVE FOR THE PLANET. Of course Eternity is without end, so the Joy, Love and Freedom is ever ongoing for us all.

Art and Design...

The wonderful Butterfly Beings on this site are a collaboration by Tanny and Steve Akash and the magic of Adobe® Photoshop®. Both are forever friends.
Tanny is an extraordinary being. She is gifted in all art mediums from stained glass, acrylics, watercolor, oils, glass work, photography, and original books and inspiring cards. There is no limit to her creativity. She has been sharing the joy of living her whole life. She loves life with a gusto and is always new and everchanging.

The constant theme she shares in life is fun, happiness and unbounded creativity. She is filled with exuberance and bubbling joy. She has three beautiful grown daughters who share the magic of creativity in their lives. Tanny lives with her adored two dogs Cosmos and Luna and incredible cat Hope. Her mom shares the joy of living, and lives nearby in beautiful Sedona Arizona.

Tanny is an eternal forever friend. She may be contacted via her email address

Steve Akash - Web Designer

Steve Akash is a wonderful friend and is totally creative in every way. He is very artistic and also an absolute computer wizzard. He has a fabulous sense of humour and a great zest for life. I feel very blessed to call him ‘eternal friend’.
This wonderful picture of Adano was originally put together by Mark Harrington. Steve Akash, who is the fablulous designer of this website, took this picture into Photoshop and a picture of me with my small harp and did this fantastic collage. Steve likened it to “an opening portal in the fabric of Reality.”

I asked Steve how one would achieve eternalness or immortality and his wonderful reply was “STAY FIT, REMAIN ALIVE, KEEP BREATHING.” This really says it all with great simplicity and humor.



I would like to make a special mention of my deep love and gratitude to my eternal forever friend, Gerald, who my friends and I affectionately refer to as GGB. He shared a wealth of wisdom, and passionate joy of living, with a small group of friends in Canada. He mentioned casually to me one day that there were others around the world also learning as we were. I asked how was this possible as he never travelled. One day, after GGB had left his bodily form, I travelled to the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. It was there while talking to a beautiful man from the Island of Trinidad, that I was to realize the true measure of GGB, this being who had been my love, mentor and friend for so many years. My trinidad friend and I spoke of life, and eventually our talk turned to matters of spirit. I innocently asked if he had any mentors or teachers. To my surprise, delight and amazement, he gently said, "Why yes, my teacher is from Canada. His name is Gerald and he comes to me here on the island to teach."

My divine friend Gerald, who is now on his great cosmic vacation, shared so much, so freely, with so many. Through his unconditional love, I was able to learn so much on every level of human living. I, along with other dear friends, was able to really experience creativity and fun in so many areas of life, ranging from painting, boating, flying, gardening, building, roller skating etc. Through his zest for life, I learned to experience real joy. He gave me the keys to the kingdom by saying almost every day,“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you.” He prepared the way for my meeting with Adano Ley, so that in that meeting I could recognize the opportunity to realize “all else can be added unto you”, the all else of Eternal Life.

I shall bless this divine friend forever, along with all those dear friends who shared time and learning with him. He always said when he left this life, "don't look for me in form." To honor this request I have omitted a picture of him. Instead this symbol is one that was created from many years of his sharings.


Friendship is something that I feel is very sacred. It is not the amount of time spent with a true friend that is important, rather the quality of experience together that I cherish most. I honor my friends and see them as eternal beings of light and love. I know that our true friends reciprocate this feeling.

My idea of a true friend is one who uplifts their life, and mine, through their words and actions. There is no condition placed upon our friendship except the condition of honesty and love. There is mutual support and true comraderie. Friendship is an eternal journey on the great highway of the stars. It does not fade or dim with time, but rather shines each moment with ever-new joy. May you all be blessed for eternity with the gift of your friends and the love you share together.

I thank all our dear friends and our families for always being a blessing in our lives. May you forever be showered with divine love.