Frequently Asked Quest I ons...

‘Quest I On’- When anyone asks a question, they have a ‘Quest’ of the ‘I’ being ‘On’. In other words, the I is on a Quest. If we knew the information already, we would not need to ask another. The other person we ask can answer the Quest we are on, because they themselves have already been through the experience, and therefore have information, or the answer. It is ‘enough we be friends’ and happily answer each others' Quests with joy, humility and love. One minute we ask the Quest, and the next minute we Answer the Quest. It is a mutual reciprocal process throughout our experience of living. May our true Quest I On be for the great Journey of Truly Living Life with Love, Vitality, Joy, Fun.....FOREVER AND EVER.

I have been asked many many questions over the cycles of time on Eternal Life, Immortality, and Living to Live. These are here for your pondering and perhaps will provide further clarification in your own questioning on the subject.

Eternal Blessings, Shareall

1) “Why would one want to live forever with the same body?”

Perhaps it may help to entertain the idea for awhile that you can be refreshed and renewed and restored without going through the doorway of death to achieve another state. Even another higher state or plane of existence. Entertain the idea of transforming the (body) atoms without decomposition or so-called death. I once went to a very inspiring talk by a famous celebrity. Near the end of her talk someone asked her this question. ‘Do you have any fear of dying.’ Her answer was ‘I feel that will be the greatest adventure of all.’ This idea would of course come from the feeling, notion, belief, or thought that there is something higher after death. While this is a wonderful idea, and whether it proves true or not, each of us will have to live that for ourselves. The idea I wish to put forward is that why would that adventure have to start with leaving a body behind for decay and decomposition. Wouldn’t it be far more beautiful to transform the body into its finest potential of light, and then simply have it continue on with further adventures.
Many people, unlike this celebrity, feel a great fear towards death. All fear comes from lack of love. If the body was treated with utmost love it has the potential to totally transform and have no further need for breakdown or decay. When we come to terms with our deeply hidden or ‘buried’ ‘death urge’ or ‘intrinsic death factor’, we can bless all that we have learned from this, and forever embrace whole heartedly the Life Eternal, so that we do not have to end up actually buried. Then all fear will be released, all past wrongs to others and ourselves be forgiven, and love can flow freely and the body be restored, renewed and regenerated. This does not then limit anyone from creating any body that they so desire. If you want to look like any particular body type or culture that will be your privilege. Your body costume can change with the speed of light.

2) “How would a person think, feel, and talk in a way that would be
more in tune with ‘living to live’ and eternal ongoingness?”

Simple. Life affirming statements, loving statements, combined with true loving feelings. This is the real clean-up moment to moment. It asks that one go beyond their family, societal conditioning, and their complete ‘computer’ programming. This is quite a challenge, and yet well worth the effort. The true clean up involves every moment of living. How do you treat your body and mind (all programming)? If it was easy everyone would be coming and going at will with the greatest of ease, and would be able to enjoy all times and spaces in this vast cosmos of eternity, with continual costume (body) changes at will. Funny enough this goes on anyway via reincarnation as the new movie starts. It just goes on without full control. Just like in the movies, not every actor receives the Oscar. Eternal Life, Immortality, Transparency, Permanence is the great Cosmic Oscar. ‘To him that overcometh I will not send forth a second time but will make a pillar in the house of the Lord forever.’ A biblical statement that simply means, to those that overcome living to die or death, I (God/Creative Intelligence) will not send you forth again, via reincarnation, but will make you a pillar of strength and support for all beings you will be associated with throughout eternity. We all live eternity you know, most however have many gaps in the time frame. Just like a film that appears to move, it is really made of separate frames. Lifetimes interspersed with death (cosmic vacations) are like that. A film with little gaps as it moves forward. Once you clean up, overcome, and achieve permanence, there is no longer a need for gaps. Thus a true master neither sleeps nor dies. They are ongoing every moment living permanence, visible or invisible at will. Full access to life, to the cosmos. ‘In my father’s house are many mansions’. Most people wander aimlessly. The few have the keys and access to all the rooms. All rooms are here and now, even if the five senses cannot perceive them.
Living to live is loving, loving, loving. Loving God (Creative Life/Spirit) with all your mind, all your heart, all your soul, all your strength. It is a love with each and every eternal breath. As this love with the breath increases, eventually the body (cells) are liberated to their fullest light potential.

3) “Isn’t it natural to die, all things die including plants and animals?”

Yes it is natural in our present state of collective consciousness on this planet. It is only because we have been programmed through eons to accept death as the only means of change. In terms of evolution, death is only a transitory phenomenon. When the nature of atomic reality is better understood, ie that matter and time are not limited, but changing and boundless, then death will not be needed as a stopgap along the way. Then death will be seen as unnatural. Atoms do not die. The butterfly is Nature’s symbol of non-decomposition, and man is the capstone of natural phenomena. Therefore, this quality is locked up in our DNA. Through clean- up, this is uncovered and the clear light shines, and freedom is achieved.

4) “What is the advantage of immortality or life eternal?”

The greatest advantage is the freedom and liberty of total universal access. It is like having a master card, ‘you can go everywhere and everywhen with it’. It is the freedom to come and go as the wind. To die is to experience a form of limitation. Death is the last challenge to overcome. With this overcoming the joy and bliss of existence are experienced uninterrupted.

5) “What makes immortals free if the Spirit is eternal anyway?”

To be free means to be free of all limitation. The last limitation to overcome is the limitation of death. No matter where you think you are going after death, the question is how would you like to get there. Would you prefer to die and have someone burn or bury your body (with all the pain and grief usually associated with this), or would you prefer to transform and become so light and clear that you can come and go or appear and disappear throughout the cosmos at will. Rather than see other dimensions/planes/vibrations of existence as vertical, look at the idea that all these are differing speeds in the endless eternal existence called NOW. We aren’t going anywhere but here. As for the Spirit, the true practical spiritual experience is that of uniting with matter so that both are inseparably united. Otherwise at death there is the laying down of the body and the ‘giving up the ghost’, so to speak. We are meant to live forever without interruption of death via disease, decay or decomposition.

6) “What proof do you have of what you are saying?”

The only proof I or anyone can offer is their own living to live forever. Each being must live this alone. No one can do it for us, and even if we encounter a demonstration of this from an eternal immortal being, it is still up to us to live this in our own cellular nature. What I say to everyone is, what have you got to lose by investigating the probability of eternal life. If you die, then that is what was going to happen anyway. However, if you begin to accept the idea of eternity and slowly incorporate living principles in your life, at the very least you will experience an ongoing great joy and love for life that will be more than what you experienced before. If we live with the subconscious/unconscious thought of death and dying, and the mental acceptance of it intellectually, then we are already half way to the grave, we are really living to die. This will have an affect on our cells and every aspect of our life.” I invite all beings who read this to shift their focus to eternal life and see and feel what happens. You can lose absolutely nothing by this shift. Every person who makes this shift adds to the planetary thoughtform and makes it easier for others to accept. Life will always bring more happiness. If we accept death, we are in fact at war with ourself (our cells), and this is mirrored in the ongoing wars throughout the ages. Let us stop the war within so that eventually peace will be reflected without.

7) "What are some advantages of eternal life rather than dying and going on to other worlds or dimensions?"

If we realize other worlds and dimensions are here right now we can examine the idea that we may have total access to these states, worlds, dimensions as we enter the true doorway of life, eternal ongoing existence. We may transform the atoms without decompostion or so called death. When you really start to explore the word death it can be very interesting, it actually leads to a new life in the here and now. You can perhaps entertain the feeling and idea of unlimited life expression, in all times, places or forms. A true master card for entry throughout the vast cosmos. All this without the need for dying to attain another costume(body). You are simply refining the body to its full potential. Its potential of light.
By a continous life expression one can learn lessons and keep adding to their life experience, building upon each lesson. To die is simply to have a stop gap, a point of interruption until a new body life experience begins. Then a new process begins, with the last life forgotten and on we go again and again and again.
Truly living is realizing Now is the Time, Here is the Place, This is the Body. Start now, realize the true joy of cellular mastery, joyfully living each moment and changing what is to what you want to become. Be the true artist and paint a picture of everlasting ongoing beauty.
To be practical is to be spiritual, to be enlightened is command performance, (act what you say now), and to be divine is to be immune. These are living experiences for us to test and see if true. The final test to overcome is dying, to be immune from cellular decay and breakdown. Let us start Here and Now in Forever, always new, always transforming.

8) "Why would anyone want to live forever
with sickness and disease?"

Good question, why would anyone? For one who believes that dis-ease is unchangeable, death will be a welcome relief. Perhaps if they feel they are going to die anyway they might try an experiment of living. They could start to feel every moment that their sickness and disease is changing. It is slowly but surely fading away. Just as it came into view in their life, it can go out of view. What does one have to lose by embracing Life over death?