Teachings of Jesus by Adano

(Transcribed 2/23/99 from audiotape 1971)

(As this tape was transcribed directly from speaking it may not be gramatically correct. It may be a difficult read for many, however I have included this as there are many gems for those who have ‘ears to hear.’ Shareall)

ADANO. Normally you are accustomed to calling this a talk or a lecture. But to a Swami, this is a Satsang. Far more than a lecture. At a Satsang you have to calibrate the mind of the individual listening, with the mind of the speaker. And to do that we must attune spiritually, mentally, and physically. The teachings of Jesus are sometimes very difficult to comprehend, especially when you are raised in the Church, and the minister does not seem to understand, what the real depth of the sayings of master Jesus meant.

As a boy growing up, and wanting to be a priest, I asked the unpardonable question. "How come you preach of Jesus and don't seem to be able to bring that life into manifestation?' My mentor said to me, "Boy you don't want to be a priest. You are too much of mystic."

Then I realized there were two functions in the church. I could not blame them, after all, lack of knowledge was my mistake. Organizational religion is maintained by the priests and it is called churchianity. Mystic religion, or Christianity is maintained by the monks, who live the life inside the Church. They attempt to live the day by day experiments of the actual principles as given by master Jesus. The priest is not involved in it. His role is to present what Jesus said while saying,"Now you do it.'. Depending on the particular priest is wether it will be lived by him or not.

As a boy you can see my problem, and I think you will find the same in your own research. So I left the church, and went away in search of my own heritage. Maybe there was a clue. I thought my parents, especially my father, was an atheist. He never went to church. Only once a year, the day he was born, and the day he was married. They all fell on the 25th of December. Interesting. So he seemed to be an atheist, but yet went to church one day a year. Why on the 25th of December?

I found out that he was more involved in the mystical life. But back then I couldn't ever reconcile myself to him. This is because the mystic never really says much outwardly. One sits in his presence and there is actually no saying, 'you do this, or you do that'. There is no communication, you just sit in his presence. This got kind of boring. I could not appreciate my father's views you know, but he had this uncanny ability. When his teacher came on a Friday, my mother would prepare food and say. "Now you boys go out and prepare a mat under the mango tree. Swamiji is Coming.”

Swamiji was a man with a big turban on his head, a beard, and standing six feet tall. He was an Indian. He turned out to be my father's teacher and it was years before I understood what he was doing. As a boy I didn't understand you see. He would come but not enter the house. They would sit outside under the mango tree. They would sit out there saying nothing to each other. We would place the food. They would eat, sit quietly together, and then he went away.

But my father would seem to have this strange ability to know what I had done through the entire week. Even the minutest secret things I did. I always thought that Swamiji was keeping track of them. So one time I wanted to smoke and I experimented with a piece of rope. No one saw me smoking the rope in the woods. That very week when Swamiji visited, my dad came in the house and gave everyone a run-down of their life. He gave me the upraised finger and told me to stop smoking rope!

Well I began to take these things in my stride, and I wanted to know more of my dad. There was something about him that drew me to him. However, I had to leave and come to the states.

Here I began to be interested in comparing the teachings of Jesus from the Oriental viewpoint. The first thing I encountered in Jesus' teachings was, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God which is within you." This seemed to be one message which was emphasized. Well where would I seek it? It says within you. So you can picture my predicament for a whole month trying to look inside of myself.

I came up with no answers until I encountered a teacher of Yoga. In the Yogic writings it states. “Know thyself". That seems to pinpoint it now. Know thyself. But then I asked the question, “How do you go about knowing yourself?” So the teacher took me back to the bible and said, “Here is a verse that master Jesus spoke. Take my yoke upon thy neck for it is Light”. He then left me there. I think you have read that statement in your own scriptures and wondered what it means. But the word yoga is sanskrit, and when it is translated into English it means to 'yoke',‘unite’ or ‘union’. If I take the yoke of master Jesus, that means I have to perform some type of union. Now you yoke oxen together. You put them in union. There has to be some type of union going on inside of us. “Take my yoke upon thy neck for it is light”. Now after many months, the word ‘light’ could only come up in my mind in terms of weight. I thought in terms of weight, and I never came up with the true meaning of the term 'light' In the structure of the sentence.

I inquired again from my yogi friend. He explained ‘light’ in terms of atomic principle. This set my whole train of thinking In a different direction. For the first time this is real light I'm dealing with, not weight. In yoga, in the eastern approach, yoking means the individual is supposed to harness the light within his mechanism.

Then I was brought back to the Christian scriptures where it is said by Jesus, "When thine eyes are single, thy whole body is full of light, and the light is shining in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. Let your light so shine among men that they will see your good works and glorify the father which is within you." It drove me right back to the principle of light.

The war ended In 45' and everyone was in an uproar over the atomic science. But Einstein gave us the first clue of light. The light that Jesus is talking of to his disciples, or to the world, is this very mechanism; a congealed form of light. Now In the scripture it says. "The Creator set his creation into motion by the first act of manifesting light. Out of Love, light was born. This from the statement, Let there be tight”. But the statement is a statement involving sound.

If you see lightning in the sky and hear the thunder after the two clouds touch each other, you assume that the light is first and the sound is last. In reality the sound was first and the light is last. Only the range of movement differs in terms of the observer. Consciousness projects the light. Therefore master Jesus is telling us of a different type of light. And he is telling you where to look for it. Strange! When thine eyes are single. You know you have two eyes. How can they become single? The two eyes are looking out. If they are going to center on something they will have to come into a point like the two beams of an automobile headlight You have to beam in. Einstein says that this body is matter and matter is energy. Energy is equal to it's mass times the velocity of darkness squared? What squared? Light squared. So the same light that Einstein is talking about, is the same light that master Jesus is talking about This manifestation is a congealed form of light. The creative intelligence cannot alter it. It has already been crystallized and set into motion by the command. 'Let there be Light.'

Whatever you see as a creation is this congealed, crystallized form of this commandment. And the light is shining in the darkness. Yes it is already shining within the brain. Then you get a blow on the forehead and you see what? Stars or light. But you comprehend it not. You don't know the reason for its existence. Yet at that very moment you are face to face with your creator. You are face to face with your real self. It took me a long time to comprehend, let alone to experience this light and make it work. Now I understand what Jesus said when he said, “Take my Yoke upon thee for it is light”. Bring this into harness. Bring what into harness? In the human being, you have to line the forces up inside you, and see the light.

Continuing my research I came across the mystic John, who was a disciple of the master Jesus. His first verse in his writing goes like this. “ In the beginning was the Word”. I said that before anything can manifest we must have sound. And the Word is sound. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt in man".

Let's see now if we are talking of something in the atomic realm. Before we can have a manifestation there is a command. A command involves sound. That sound is normally called the Word, or logos, in certain writings. For the benefit of those who are in doubt of what the word means, it means audible life current. Or it can also mean this sound that the atoms make while they are in motion. This sound exists as an actual principle. It is the basis of all existence or creation. If this sound is with God then it is within consciousness. This is the realization we come to as we meditate and go in. Now, if it is audible, then it is possible to hear it. Let's see now if it was audible.

There was a prophet who said "Lo I turn to the east and I heard the voice of God like a trumpet blowing.” This body is a manifestation of the divine principle, or a universe unto itself. The top of the skull is north and the base of the spine is south. Frontal part of the forehead would be east and the back would be west. The third eye is called the eastern eye and symbolizes, ‘at this point you turn in’. "Lo I turn to the east," means he had to commune with himself now. By focusing and lining up consciousness he heard the voice of God like a trumpet blowing. So sound came through. He experienced this sound within and anyone who has made the attempt to look in can hear that trumpet blowing inside. It does exist. It is not a hallucination or a figment of the Imagination.

Now, John says “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”. The audible life current or vibratory rate of creation is existing in consciousness. But he goes on to make a specific statement that will remove doubts from our minds once and for all. And the Word is God. When he uses the word "is", he is pretty sure of what he is talking about. Otherwise you mislead millions of people in the future. If it is truly that, then the test becomes our responsibility. We can now go to that test, make that attempt, harness this consciousness, and find out once and for all if it is true. After many years of meditation, I can vouch for this audible life sound. And the Word was made flesh. That cosmic current became substance, cells. There are many forms in this substance. The last part of the verse says, “and dwelt in man”. It seems that only in a human form, can this audible life current be contained, and realized. This substance contains the sound current but this substance cannot realize the sound current. Only this form, the human form, can realize.

We come to a point now in our scriptural understanding of master Jesus where we look up above. The churches have told us for years, "He is the only son of God.” Let us go to the man himself and read in his sayings and see if he has ever uttered the fact that he is the only son of God. The Hindus and Jains, they accept the idea of son of God, but they don't accept the idea of 'only' being an individual. They accept the idea of 'only' being a principle. A big difference between an individual and a principle. The personal Godhead, or the creative intelligence in form, is the only relationship we have with the impersonal Godhead, Krishna consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or Creative Intelligence in Man. They don't accept one body form as the only son of God. Body forms are required to realize the principle of Personal Godhood in Man.

Jesus said, "While I am in the world. I am the light of the world”. Every realized man who reaches the Impersonal Godhood speed, and transforms this into the Personal Godhood, is a radiant light because it is moving through him. He has come to the realization that this light Is flowing. He has done the works. “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not”. Let your light so shine before men that they may see the good works and glorify your father which is within you”. When you make the attempt to release the light that is inside this mechanism, then you have done the work that is required.

Now, here we have an interesting point In the teachings of Jesus. He often spoke in parables. And parables were not a common practice of the Hebrew people. They were a common practice of far eastern peoples. Though the Hebrew people are in the middle east it is more prevalent to speak in parables in the far eastern countries.

One of the parables that stands out pertaining to the personal Godhead and the impersonal Godhead is involved in this statement. “None come unto the father but by me”. Now Jesus never said he was the only son of God. Therefore he made a statement by saying, “The things I do ye shall do also, and greater things shall you do". That eliminates being the only son of God as a person. And, “None come unto the Father but by me”. These two statements can trick you if you have a personal concept of God, and the physical relationship of what God is. In the eastern writings we can penetrate the view and understand it clearly.

When Buddha was alive there was a Buddhist monk that will help understand the statement. "None come unto the Father but by me”. That is a parable in itself. We have to understand a statement made in one of the Buddist writings. There was a monk meditating one day. A butcher was taking his cow to the slaughter house. On his way the cow broke the rope, ran out in front of the monk and spoke to him telepathically, or in cow's language. “Save my Life!.” The monk, being a nonviolent man, hid the cow behind some bushes. Along came the butcher. Seeing the monk he said, "Hey mister monk, you see my cow? “ The butcher knows that a monk can't lie. The cow knows that the monk can't betray him. What is the monk going to do now. He is caught in the middle, like a cheese between two slices of bread.

So he looked at the butcher and said to him very calmly, "They that saw the cow cannot tell you where the cow is hidden. He who can tell you where the cow is hidden, didn't see him”. I was stumped when I confronted the problem. Years went by before I could penetrate the veil to understand the principle. The first word is They. They who? Only the monk, the cow, and the butcher are there. There is no one else in the picture. They see, but they don't talk. They can't tell where the cow is hidden. He Is singular. He who can tell where the cow is hidden didn't see it. Realization dawns upon my consciousness and I realize what my father and all the great teachers were doing. I am brought back to my self. The intuitive nature needed to comprehend the problem.

Master Jesus threw one huge key in our midst. “None comes to the Father but by me”. None who? It can literally mean the whole of humanity from the time he was created, or before. It actually means that no one living in his five senses, can raise the level of his consciousness to the creative intelligence, unless he first centers it upon the personal God presence inside. It is the only begotten principle, the only way in. It is like the guardian at the gate.

For example, we are all familiar with an iceberg. With an iceberg we see a portion above water. The greater portion is below the water. Let's say I am a little crab living on top of the iceberg. All the goodies are down at the bottom of the iceberg. How am I going to get down to the bottom without wetting my feet? There Is no way I can get to the goodies unless I make the attempt to go down. As soon as I go down, I must truly pass the waterline. I keep going in the process, right down to what it is. Now all around my whole body I'm going to be totally wet. Not just my feet, but my whole body. I'm immersed. Before, I'm up here enjoying the sun on top of the Iceberg. I'm in the outer realms of my five senses, but never getting to the goodies within our inner mechanism, that God has inside. To make a return, we have to pass through the waterline. That is the measuring up now. This is why they call it the Christ principle, the personal Godhead, or the Real self.

No one living In his five senses can really get back to that God self unless he passes through the Christ principle within himself. So every man becomes Christ, or Christian or Krishna Consciousness. One portion of the scriptures says, “As many as received him, to them He gave the power to become the sons of God”. Every crab that will go through the waterline will get to the goodies. They all got to get wet. Any one of us, who wants to return to pure Cosmic Consciousness, must be exposed to the Christ principle sooner or later. If you accept the Christ principle as the only creative principle whereby we can return to the source, we will all become radiant sons of light. God conscious. There is absolutely no way we can avoid it whether easterner or westerner. For the first time we are forced to admit to ourselves that this is the way of truth. Not the man Jesus, but the principle through which we go back to the source.

Master Jesus threw another key into our midst, “Come unto me all ye that travail and are heavily laden, and I will refresh you”. Pretty difficult for us to accept once Jesus is no longer visible. How can you go to Him to be refreshed? Is he really speaking of the physical body or is he speaking of a personal relationship on a different level?

We have to take this parable of the monk, the butcher, and the cow to try to understand the words, “Come unto me”. Where would you point within your mechanism if you wanted to use the word, 'me'. You point to your head because this Is your thinking sphere. “All that shall travail and are heavily laden”. Who are they? They are eyes. They work, heavily laden, and are tired, fatigued and often bored. Confrontation is going on day and night. Somebody cut in front of you before you could get to the red light. They are ears. Hearing all the obscenities and all the good things too. They are the nostrils. Polluted air as well as the good country air. They are the mouth. The good food and not so good food. These are the things of the mechanism that have to work to provide for the physical body and maintain it. Your five senses. You can't work when you are sound asleep. There Is just no way to do it. And the senses get tired.

So, “Come unto me”. Daily now, we should withdraw our five senses, to the real self, the real beingness, the one principle, the personal Godhead in yourself. Freshen up. You don't need a seven-up now. Daily meditation, or the daily return to the higher self is the feeling to refresh you. Refresh means to revitalize, renew, clear-up and give you the boost, so you can can cope with responsibilities and face the environment again. Face it with that inner faith, inner strength. So the master is teaching us how to turn back to our inner source of supply.

The word master is one who has mastered the techniques and behavioral principles in order to live. When we have done this, we can then fully say that the experience is genuine, and that we are experiencing the Godhead in ourselves.

We come to another strange parable. I can't cover all these, the time is too short here. They are so marvelous when you try to understand them. Ten Virgins, five wise, five foolish. I always feel real sorry for those foolish ones as they are stuck. Think of it. Here they are making themselves up for the bridegroom when all of a sudden, the light goes out. He then says, "Who are you?” You can put yourself in their predicament! We do this to ourselves outwardly. We thumb our nose at the person who has failed in some way. The ten virgins, five wise, five foolish are your five senses working outwardly now. They are wasting away their energy, searching without for the bridegroom, the bridegroom that is in the light within. The light is the thing that will give you union. This is the marriage of the soul between the bride, and the bridegroom. If you run outside, there is no way to find it. You will be burning up your energy constantly because there Is always a delay, and then you don't have any realization.

The five wise ones. This means the functions of disciplining. Self-discipline is very important
towards God Realization. There just is no way you can arrive at this inner realization without discipline. You will easily succumb to the distractions. Your mind is going to wander all over the world and never get down to the actual experience. You have to discipline the senses. That means trim them now, prune them. It is very hard because when we try everything and they all fail, we are forced to follow instructions. Learn to discipline the senses. Do what must be done. That Is the five wise virgins, using the five senses in a disciplined way.

Center it upon the intuitive cells, or God cells, the bridegroom. When you discipline the senses and steady them, the first tangible experience that comes from that light within, is peace. A peace that passes all understanding. One that cannot be gained by the undisciplined senses running after every emotional desire or enticement. The inner peace can be experienced, but how to transfer that Inner peace into the waking life? Most mystics, especially orientals, you see them sitting like a lump on a log for many years, or centuries, and you ask. 'Is that all there is to this spiritual Life?” They are incapable of making the transfer from the within, to the outside. Great teachers come forth into the world, with that inner consciousness, just to show that we can make that transfer.

There are two types of people, the renunciate and the householder. This applies to swamis too. The renunciate is one who has no wife. There is no strength in the renunciate life if you give up. Sooner or later you are going to have to face yourself and find that there is something missing. This is because one of the greatest rules of realization is, “the greater the obstacle, the greater the man”. The householder is thrown into the bigger battle especially if he has the nagging wife or she the nagging husband. They both are going to go through that constant confrontation in order to experience that inner peace. Before the journey is over you have a wonderful relationship. No one is going to give in now until they make it together. This is real self mastery.

This path of the householder and these types of people were around master Jesus . We only hear a lot of the renunciate types that followed him. But renunciates cannot provide bread everyday, or a room to sleep in every night, let alone to have a place to go to have a last feast. You recall, he even had a white ass to ride on. Many things were provided, and they had to come from the householders, who were his disciples also. There were many householder disciples. People who had to involve themselves with daily activities and still follow the Christ within themselves.

One such man is Joseph of Arimathea. Another is Nicodymus. Another is Lazarus. There were two men named Lazurus, one that was sick and one he resurrected. The one he resurrected was a very wealthy man. So you see that great masters who live on the earth have two types of disciples that follow the path. The householder and the renunciate.

We see this in every society. Some are trying to get away to find a little place all by themselves and the rest remain in the mainstream working. When realization comes you find that only those who can make the transfer from within to the outside, are the ones who really are the strongest. You bring your peace into daily activity NOW, and can take it with you moment to moment into the world with all your trials. This inner strength that comes from transference Is vitally Important for modern man. To be able now to not leave the world, but to accept the world as it Is, and to make the transference from within to the outside.

“The peace I give, the world won't give”. Get the peace Inside and transfer it outside, then those in the outer world will get it. Because then it is an overflow. You can't give what you don't have. If you are frustrated inside, sooner or later you are going to give it out also. Waves of frustration. If you are peaceful within then only peace will flow outwardly.

The Psalm says, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and my cup overfloweth”. This means that the individual made the attempt to go in and acquire the inner peace and bring it into the manifested world and let it flow. It overflows. This is what we call searching for insight. There are many other goodies too, extrasensory abilities and so forth. But don’t be carried away by these. They can tend to detract you from your goal. The real goal is lining up back with your creator. That is why Jesus slipped in one key by saying, “What profiteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” This is a caution lest we get carried away from the real objective.

Jesus said, “You see me, you see the father”. In my training as a priest early on, they always said that Jesus is God. This could not really bring home the truth to my mind. Yet in the eastern writings they say Krishna was God. Why do we only accept Jesus? I realized there is a difference in saying, “you see me, you see the father” and literally involving the pysical frame in the actual realization. The individual who does this has obtained God realization by entering the personal Godhead, the Krishna Consciousness or Christ Consciousness right within his self, his cells.

Back to the example of the iceberg. What is an iceberg made of? What kind of water? Frozen water. The crab has to pass through from the dry top of the iceberg all the way down to the wet part. What is he going to pass through? Water. They are both made of the same thing, oxygen and hydrogen. I am made of the atomic principle of Light. I am crystallized. The creator himself (creative principle) is the cosmic light holding the whole thing together. I am frozen light, or light slowed down, still able to be free and loose like the water. When I look at this form, I realize these two things are equal to the same thing, are themselves equal to one another, for the first time. Then the comprehension of Emmanual, which was supposed to be his name before they gave him the name Jesus. This means God is in man (man ifestation) or God is in the dust (soul=living soil). The realization is that this principle is within you.

Anytime you refer to it you have to use these two words. I and Am. I and the father are one. I Am that I Am. The Hindus have a sanskrit word called Sohum. I am He. That Am I. The swamis say, “Have you arrived at the Sohum stage my boy?” Now I cannot intellectualize it and say yes. I have to actually experience the phasing in of the wonder. And all of us are able to experience it as long as we know what we are trying to achieve.

We are trying to become one with the light. The mechanism now is working with this. Jesus was completely phased in with the Godhead. He said to his disciples, 'Who do men say that I am?” He put them to the confrontation. Some said, thou art a prophet, a teacher. Then our good friend Peter in a loud voice said, "Thou art Christ!". Jesus said. "I didn't tell you that. The father which is within you has revealed it to you”. The Christ within you, the Godhead within you, recognized the Godhead which is fully aligned. Jesus also said “But Peter your Godhead is not fully aligned yet” and I’m not going to tell you now that you are going to deny me. I’m going to wait til later when you do deny me. So Jesus tells the disciples that they will deny him because they are not fully lined up.

One time Peter saw the master who is fully lined up. With a burst of devotion and love for the Godhead he tries to walk across the water to meet him. The devotion is strong and he does step across. But not fully lined up that good old mind of his looks down and sees, this is water, friend. So he sinks down into the water.

This is the confrontation of the principle. Anytime the principle lines up itself there is no limitation. It is the faith now, like a grain of mustard seed. You have to bring In this alignment. So in the scriptural teachings of the East, we can understand the life of the master Jesus, from a much clearer perspective than many other parts of the world. We see that now there is no conflict in viewing it from that standpoint.
Thank you.